Smoke Generators

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Product quality you can see

The smoke generator manufactured by Springer is a hermetic unit that conducts pyrolisis process of wood chips (humidity 8 – 15%). The temperature of smoke released from the generator is not higher than 54°C, moreover, it is a dry smoke what gives high gloss of smoked product.

Features that inspire confidence

The smoke generator is an automatic service-less unit equipped with microprocessor monitoring sufficient fresh air admission and sufficient wood chips amount in hearth. It continuously controls proper burning temperature, amount and intensity of smoke released to the smokehouse and generator’s extinguisher.
  • 304 grade stainless steel construction
  • Hermetic unit
  • Automatic agitator for wood chips feeding
  • Microprocessor-controlled extinguisher
  • Microprocessor-controlled smoke temperature
  • Air regulator for variable smoke density - from mild to strong
  • Low temperature of smoke prevents from release of benzopyrene
  • Large capacity of storage container for wood chips, easy refilling
  • Wood chips consumption proportioned by microprocessor controller

Cost effective solution

Application of Springer wood chips smoke generator effects in quick colouring, unique taste and appearance of final product, short smoking process - there is less energy needed and losses of smoked product are reduced.