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For high quality smoked products, Springer WK combined smoking & cooking chamber is the machine of choice.

Designed for production of smoked meat, fish, cheese products – regardless whether hung on spits or laid on trays. The chamber enables to carry out automatic thermal treatment with endless process possibilities: warming, reddening, smoking, steam cooking, smoke cooking, drying, roasting…

Modular construction is custom designed for individual facility - for small, medium scale and industrial production plants. Comes in single and multi-trolley capacity, in-line or side by side.

Perfectly consistent results

The WK Smokehouses are hermetic, closed-system built, enabling intense volume of smoke circulating throughout the chamber. Precise, automatic control of technological process ensure product uniformity, repeatability of treatment and minimal weight loss. Temperature is attained quickly and maintained exactly as selected. Air flow is conducted by individual two speed ventilation fan per each trolley. The optimized forced flow of uniformly warm dry air provides even distribution of temperature, humidity and smoke – guaranteed no flat spots on product.

Quality stands out

Highly effective saturated steam generating system is one of the most unique features of our smokehouses. Fine spraying nozzles atomize the water, drawn from the hot water connection, directly into the turbines, which turn droplets into the fine mist. This mist evaporates before reaching the heat source eliminating detrimental effect of cold water hitting hot elements. Drying process can be accomplished in overpressure (better smoke penetration) and in semi-vacuum (faster water evaporation).

Engineered for dependable performance

  • Automatic showering
  • Automatic cleaning system – cost effective and efficient
  • Automatic humidity control with psychrometric sensor
  • Automatic house temperature and core temperature control
  • Compliance with hygiene and safety standards
  • Double insulated panels provide outstanding heat retention
  • All stainless steel, all welded inside and outside for machine durability and rigidity
  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Controllable and programmable operating
  • User-friendly control panel with selection of 99 programs, networking ability
  • Heat sources to choose from: electrical, gas, steam or oil

Investment that pays back

Separate, hermetic smoke generator releases intense smoke into the chamber. It is service-less, automatic machine, with easy wood chip refill (consumption micro-processor controlled). Active smoke circulation decreases smoke emission to atmosphere and saves on wood chip consumption. Innovative ignition and smoke generating system effects in desirable colour, taste and appearance of final product, and shortening of the process itself.


  • Cooling system for cold smoking
  • Variable change of air flow with frequency inverter
  • Increased heating capacity
  • Cold water showering
  • Tunnel version