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Expand your profit potential

Springer BK series cookers are perfect cooking solution for a wide variety of processing applications. It is designed for cooking of cured meat products, ham, seafood, as well as stews, soups, sauces, starch-based gravies, curries, preserves, rice, groats and other types of cooked products. Lard melting cookers are also an option.

Short boiling time - Springer cookers boil 1000 liters in less than 30 minutes

The solid construction with superior insulation jacket provides efficient heat transfer surface. Springer cookers prevent from an undesirable heat loss and precisely keep the required temperature what ensures economical operation.

Blending cooker BK 500-M

Application of an agitating arm for thorough mixing and simultaneous lifting results in evenly cooked and gently blended product in short time, with no quality compromise.

Custom made solution adapted to your goal

The water cookers can be loaded and unloaded with overhead manual or power hoist. Control panel provide easy operation and fully programmable, repeatable process. Cold and hot water can be fill by electromagnetic operated valves. Closing and opening of the lid can be manual or pneumatic. A cooker can be equipped with stainless steel basket lifted automatically, automatic water level control, suction hood over the cooker. Heating modes are either electric, gas, oil or high pressure steam.
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    Cooker type BK 350 BK 500 BK 500-M BK 800 BK 1000
    Capacity 350 litres / 92 US gallons 500 litres / 132 US gallons 500 litres / 132 US gallons 800 litres / 211 US gallons 1000 litres / 264 US gallons
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    mm 1040 x 1350 x 1020 1300 x 1350 x 1020 1300 x 1350 x 1020 1850 x 1350 x 1020 2200 x 1350 x 1020
    inch 41 x 53 x 40 51 x 53 x 40 51 x 53 x 40 73 x 53 x 40 87 x 53 x 40