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Springer Mincers are designed to mince fresh and frozen food products in meat and food processing plants, cheese processing industry, delicatessen plants.
The 160mm holeplate diameter, worms design and powerful II speed Nord drive ensure our industrial AM-400/160 model turns product into homogenous batches whilst eliminating pulping or squashing of the minced product. SM-200/130 single worm model is an ideal compact solution for butchers and supermarkets.
Solid stainless construction and quality of components provide long life, heavy duty operation.

Precise cut, profitable production

Design to deliver high capacity output, Springer Mincer AM-400/160 can achieve 4000kg/h (8800lbs/h) depending on product. Angle cutting system consisting of passing worm and main worm boosts performance of the machine and enables to mince raw skin and frozen blocks up to - 18˚C/0˚F, cheese and fat blocks.
Anti-blocking system synchronised with power switch protects motor from damage caused by main worm pause due to overload or foreign body.
User advantages
  • large capacity of hopper – from 150 or 400 litres
  • high quality components for long life performance
  • quick release lock – ensures fast changing of plates and knives
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • protective cover for cutting head
  • reverse worm system
  • anti-blocking system
  • anti-slide platform

Consistent quality

Stable, reinforced construction is fabricated of high grade stainless steel. Fully seam welded finish provides smooth hygienic surfaces, easy cleaning and operation of the machine. All electrical components are placed inside the machine, easy maintenance access is provided.
The machine delivers quiet and continuous failure-free operation.
  • Range and dimensionsOpen or Close
    MINCER AM-400/160
    L L1 W W1 H H1
    mm 1620 1750 1470 1750 1800 2850
    inch 64 69 58 69 71 112
    MINCER SM-150/130
    L L1 W W1 H H1
    mm 740 1650 940 1350 1500 2850
    inch 30 65 37 53 28 112
  • Accessory equipmentOpen or Close

    Customise you mincer

    - Column coist
    - Separating unit
    - Quick release lock
    - Additional agitator
    - PLC control panel

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  • Technical DataOpen or Close
    Mincer type AM-400/160 SM-150/130
    Hopper capacity 400 litres / 106 US gallons 150 litres / 40 US gallons
    Holeplate diameter 160 mm / 6,3 inch 130 mm / 5,12 inch
    Passing worm drive power 2,0 / 2,4 kW N / A
    Working worm drive power 26 / 37 kW 11 kW
    Net weight 1500 kg / 3307 pounds 450 kg / 992 pounds