Kebab Mixers

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Perfect homogenization and penetration of ingredients

Springer ribbon mixer series are designed for mixing of ground meat, sausage meat, thick and heavy stuffing, such as kebab or dough, ideal for powder blending. The combination of ribbon and multidirectional paddle blades provides even distribution and absorption of seasonings and additives, liquids, achieving a high quality of product consistency.
This universal, multi application machine ensures effective and homogenous mixing, kneading, tumbling and marinating.
With capacity ranging from 100 to 300 litres it is suitable for small to medium food processing plants, butcher’s shops, restaurants.

Perfect technology for profitable results

Variable speed regulation allows perfect adaptation to any type of product and prevents from splashing of product.
The unloading process is made by hydraulic tilting – the product is discharged directly to euro container type E1, E2 or E3. Hopper emptying is quick and ensures almost zero leftovers.
Machine are made of the high grade 100% stainless steel.
The construction provides easy and safe maintenance and meets the highest hygienic norms for food processing.

Custom made machine

Range of options to suit many applications:
  • Variable speed regulation
  • Vacuum system
  • Double jacket
  • Cooling system
  • PLC control panel
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  • Range and dimensionsOpen or Close
    MIXER R/M100
    L W H B
    mm 1290 970 1600 410
    inch 51 38 63 16
    MIXER R/M200
    L W H B
    mm 1560 970 1600 410
    inch 62 38 63 16
    MIXER R/M300
    L W H B
    mm 1800 1050 1670 410
    inch 71 41,5 66 16
  • Technical DataOpen or Close
    Mixer type R/M100 R/M200 R/M300
    Hopper capacity 100 litres / 27 US gallons 200 litres / 53 US gallons 300 litres / 80 US gallons
    Maximum batch load 70 litres / 19 US gallons 140 litres / 37 US gallons 210 litres / 56 US gallons
    Drive power 1,1 kW 2,2 kW 3 kW
    Lid opening manual manual manual
    Unloading by tilt to bin euro container E1/2/3 euro container E1/2/3 euro container E1/2/3
    Net weight 290 kg / 640 pounds 340 kg / 750 pounds 420 kg / 926 pounds