Smoking Woodchips


Smoked to perfection with AromaStar

Aroma-Star is a high quality wood chips, guarantee of perfect colour, taste and appearance of smoked product, as well as shortening the process - there is less energy needed and loss of weight is significantly reduced.

Wood chips are environmentally-friendly product that originate solely from natural resources - carefully selected wood from deciduous, certified trees. The type of wood used for smoking has a significant meaning to achieve desired colour and aroma.

Think about the advantages:

  • The composition is selected on the basis of individual needs. The blends of wood chips can also be adjusted for regional tastes and special recipes. Smoking gives then a pleasant, natural aroma, desired colour and delicate taste that are characteristic for traditional smoked products.
  • An innovative way of treating the wood provides the richest amount of aromatic substances in the final product. The smoke naturally preserves product and gives a long-lasting colour, aroma and taste.
  • High smoking ability causes concentration of natural preservative substances and flavour. This has a positive outcome for smoking process repeatability.
  • AromaStar wood chips is a product free from bark and sawdust.
  • Optimal, stable thermal treatment and clean exploitation of smoke generator.
  • Low moisture makes AromaStar easy to store for long period.
  • Certificates allowing worldwide distribution.

Available in choice of fractions, wood types and moisture range.